We provide access to over 345 million enriched people records across the US and Canada, as well as over 26 filters and project folders to refine your search and put prospects into.

We have contact info (phone or email) for around 85% of the people records. We update it regularly (each quarter in fact), but as you can guess people move, quit, change their own contact information etc so we cannot guarantee every email is verified and still accurate due to the sheer size of the data set. We work very hard on this, and aim to provide the most up to date and accurate data set of people + contact information from aggregated publicly available information on the web.

If you are doing a large outreach campaign, we recommend first running your lists through email verifiers like ZeroBounce, Bouncer or similar.

Note that emails classified as 'risky' in these programs does not necessarily mean they are not accurate, these are programmatic systems that do their best to 'perceive' deliverability. Bouncing emails are also not a guarantee that these are not accurate. Depending on your own domain reputation their email server may reject emails.
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