Projects are simple folders for you to organize the profiles that you want to contact or export to your CRM. We recommend that Project Name is either related to the job requisition you are sourcing for, such as the job title and location, or if you are building a list of contacts for business development, use the Project Name to describe the campaign you are running.

Within the "Project Information" section, copy and paste the job description and/or the key requirements of the job you are sourcing for, here is an example:

Job Title: Assistant Project Manager
Purpose: Delivering interior design projects in real estates and construction industry
Location: Los Angeles
Experience: 4+ Years
Must Have Skills: AutoCad, Rendering & SketchUp
Do Not Want: Anyone from a large consultancy, such as JLL, Colliers or CBRE

If you are using the project for business development, then just some key information as to "why" these profiles are of interest to you and your business development activities, so you can refer back to your notes at a later date.

Creating a project takes a few seconds, and can be actioned in two different places.

"New Project" button in the main dashboard above the search & filtering boxes.
"Project Tab" at the top of the Find People Dashboard and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the green button "Add Project"

See video below:

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