Every professional recruiter profile on our directory is manually reviewed and published by the team at Recruiterly. We do this to protect the integrity of our directory.

Your profile will state 'Unlisted' when visiting your profile when you log in in the following scenario's:

We have not yet reviewed your profile to be listed in our directory
Your profile has not been approved to be listed in our directory

When your profile is approved and listed in our directory you will be notified and the 'Unlisted' button will convert to 'View Profile', so you can then view your public profile page which will then be visible to anyone searching on the major search engines and on our directory directly.

There are a number of reasons why your profile may not have been approved in our directory, including but not limited to the following:
Your profile information is incomplete, we require a full and complete profile to be listed which needs to include the areas of expertise you recruit into, including industry, functional areas, geography as well as services, your about me section and a profile photo.
Your profile appears to have misleading information. In some cases we have seen recruitment professionals list their location that is different to their actual location.
From our review, you appear to not actually be a recruitment professional.

If your profile is not listed, but you feel it should be or you want to check on the status of our review, please email success@recruiterly.com.
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