How do I post a link to my Recruiterly profile?

You can easily publish links of useful content, or even your own to your Recruiterly profile. Learn how in this article.

Navigating to publish your content

First log in to your Recruiterly account here.

Then navigate to your feed, which is where you can post various types of content. You can learn more here.

To publish a link, click on the 'Link' icon, which looks like this:

Publish a link content type to your Recruiterly profile

Once you click on this icon, you'll see the following pop up:

Posting a link or URL to your recruiterly profile

Input the URL of the content you would like to share replacing the placeholder text 'Paste a URL...'

You will then be presented with a 'Preview' button:

Preview button when inputting URL into post a link to your Recruiterly profile

Click on the 'Preview' button, and we will capture as much information from the link as we can, and display this in your preview. This includes the main image on that URL, description and title.

If some of this information is missing, then we will not be able to display it.

Once we gather the information and provide you with a preview, it will look something like this:

Post a link to your Recruiterly profile preview

Notice the title, page image and the description? This is all captured from the URL you input initially.

You will now notice a new text area has appeared. Here you can add text to the post, perhaps providing some of your own comments, or a description.

Make sure you choose your post settings, public goes to your public profile and company goes to your private company community feed if activated.

Click the 'Post' button, and you are all set.

Your post will now appear in your, or your companies feed depending on your choice and will appear on your public profile immediately if you chose that option.

Don't forget to setup your scheduler or manually post your content to your social channels by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner of your post. Here you can also edit or delete your post.