How to setup your Recruiterly social media scheduler

Recruiterly helps you grow your social influence by automating your social media posting. Learn how here.

Automating your social media posting is a sure-fire way of increasing your social influence as a thought leader, as well as increasing your traffic to your Recruiterly profile.

Your Recruiterly profile is constantly optimized to help you convert traffic into leads, so the more traffic you send, the more leads you'll convert.

Your social scheduler can currently share to:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Your scheduler can share the following type of content:

  • Reviews received
  • New placements
  • All content post types including Text/Articles, Images, Links, Video's and Quotes.

Who is the scheduler available for?

How does the scheduler work exactly?

Our scheduler is designed for simplicity. There are plenty of social media automation tools out there, but we know how busy Recruiters are. Our scheduler is designed for you to be able to 'set-and-forget'.

Once you have configured your scheduler, it will then listen for any new content that is generated on your profile. As soon as it finds something new it will share that post or a number of posts at the next configured time-slot in the scheduler.

In the example below, I have scheduled my content posts to be scheduled to Twitter at 9:00 AM everyday. That means, every time I create a new post and publish it to my public profile, our scheduler will then wait until the next day at 9:00 AM and share your post then.

The same happens for reviews, and placements. So you can simply setup your scheduler, and focus on generating more activity on your profile while the system works away in the background for you.

Setting up the scheduler:

Login and navigate to your scheduler.

First, login to your Recruiterly account here.

Once you are logged in, navigate over to your left-hand menu panel and click on the 'Scheduler' icon or you can follow this link.

You should now see a scheduler that looks a little more blank than this example:

Recruiterly Social Media Scheduler screenshot

In our example, you can see that we have connected Twitter, but do not have LinkedIn connected and are currently sharing our 'Posts' to Twitter every day at 9:00 AM.

Connecting Twitter or LinkedIn

Click on either of the LinkedIn or Twitter buttons at the top of your scheduler:

Connect to your social account buttons on the social media scheduler

As soon as you click on one of the buttons that is not currently connected, you will either see a pop-up or get redirected to a secure, authorization connection between Recruiterly and your social account login.

Follow the steps to connect your account.

Don't worry, we will NEVER publish anything to your social accounts without your approval. You must configure your social sharing yourself.

Once you are connected, the button will turn blue. The button will turn red if it is disconnected and orange if it is soon to become disconnected. Some connections require refreshing the connection after a certain period of time for your security.

Great, now you are connected we can select the type of post or content you want to share.

Choosing the content type you want to share

Just below the social media connection buttons, you will see three tabs:

  • Posts
  • Placements
  • Reviews

You can see a screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2019-03-28 at 11.39.02 am

To configure each content type, simply click on the tab and you will be able to configure which social channel you want to share to and what frequency.

Setting your social automation frequency

In this example we will use the 'Posts' content type, however don't forget to setup the automatic sharing of your Reviews. This is a key component of building your reputation online as an expert recruiter.

Let's take a quick look at what our options are:

Set your scheduling options with our scheduler
Unfortunately Facebook no longer permits scheduling to your personal account, so we are looking into expanding this functionality, removing it and also connecting other popular channels such as Instagram.

As you can see in the above example, you can toggle each channel on or off with the toggle button and set the frequency.

The frequency options allow you to:

  • Schedule posts every day at a set time.
  • Schedule posts weekly, on a set day at a set time.

Configuration is easy:

  1. Toggle on the channel you want to share this content type to.
  2. Choose daily or weekly.
  3. If weekly, next choose which day and what time.
  4. If daily, choose what time each day.

That's it!

You are all setup. You can now focus on adding great content to your profile and getting more reviews while we take care of sharing this to your networks.